What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which, as the name indicates, is the optimisation needed to help you rank higher.

Have you ever wondered how search engines rank your website? Well, there are many factors. They include Domain Authority, Your Content and its usefulness to the user…etc. (there are many more).

Google and other search engines crawl your website pages, collecting (indexing) information to understand what you are offering. 

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Our SEO Services

SEO Keyword Research

  • Keywords research – We will find valuable keywords for you—high, low competition, long tail, etc.
  • Competitors research – We will determine how your competitors rank up in your niche and their strong and weak sides.

SEO Onpage optimisation

  • We will perform on-site optimisation; you can approve any changes or give us the green light to improve.
  • Schema markup implementation

Business information consistency for SEO

  • Google My Business analysis and optimisation
  • NAP (Name, Address, Phone) – business details such as open hours, location, phone numbers etc.. are consistent across the web, such as (Facebook, website, listings such as yellow pages etc.)

SEO Website optimisation

  • Guaranteed High-quality links; you will receive quality links each month except the first month, as during this time, we are focused on on-site SEO, link research, link outreach, build up relationships.

SEO Reporting

  • Month-over-month reports on work completed and next month’s work
  • Monthly Rank Tracking reports

SEO Ranking

How do I see my website rank?

To start, you could search and see where you rank. However, some tools also help you review your site performance and keyword rank; Semrush is one such tool. 

Do you want to rank higher? Looking to grow?

SEO is not magic. It’s an optimisation service. You may have been promised to be on the first page in no time, but it’s not something that happens overnight.

SEO is a long-term investment that is provided as a monthly service. We are in an ever-changing environment. A commitment period is required before your return on investment is seen. This can vary depending on your industry and your competition; while we have generally had quicker timelines, you should expect 6-12 months for an ROI.

What factors impact my website rank?

We have mentioned previously that there are many, and here are a few to think about:

  • Content is king, no matter what anyone tells you. This is an organic recipe for better ranking if you have engaging content.
  • The correct structure of your website, considering how your content is coded (meta tags), helps a search engine understand your content when crawling.
  • How competitive your industry is, this doesn’t necessarily include direct competition, and often you’re outranked by directory services that list services. Try searching for “Sushi” as an example, and you will get Wikipedia, food bloggers, delivery companies, and sushi restaurants.
  • The keyword you are ranking on. For example, if we use the “sushi” example, the results for “sushi”,  “sushi near me”, and “sushi Sydney” will be different.
  • Your competition also running SEO
  • Google (and other search engines) is constantly improving and will make changes that may either boost your ranking or take it back due to poor SEO practices.
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Is SEO my only option to rank?

SEO helps you rank organically. There are other options, such as Social Media channels and Paid Advertising. 

Paid advertising can impact driving traffic to your site faster if done correctly. But, of course, it also ends when you stop advertising.

Which is better, you ask? Of course, each has its merits; talk to our experts to help you decide.

Let us put our experts on it.

Website Maintenance

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