Get your Business ready pack now!

We have developed a fast affordable and professional web design package to help you get started. Here is what we have included for you:

Our professional developers will work to setup and prepare. 

It is designed on the world leading wordpress website. There are no shortcuts used. We take care to ensure your fully functional website is complete and looking professional.

We have included template options to choose from.

These templates are versitile and you will be able to change all the colors and fonts to enhance them to suit your brand/business.

Once you sign up you will recieve a link to fill in a form to upload all your content (text and images).

Once the full content is recieved we will have your webite online within 24 hours.

Need a domain name? We will reserve the domain you are looking for in your name if your looking for a or a .com domain then it's FREE of charge during sign up.

We will setup your site on a business starter plan ($15/Month) and we will include the first 3 Months FREE.


Starter plan is provided by SATZ Hosting and includes:

  • 2 GB Storage
  • 2 GB Memory
  • 200% CPU
  • 8MB/s I/O
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth included
  • Auto SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts


Offered on a quarterly payment plan only. 

  • FREE Elementor Pro Plugin for the first 12 Monhths
  • Free UpdraftPlus Premium Plugin for the first 12 Months.

A business email address is an important part of any business. We will set up a the email addresses for you initially as part of the package. 

You will be able to add as many email addresses as you like as per the hosting plan, the limitation here is the space available on the hosting is shared by all emails. Hence if you recieve heavy images or videos this may not be a suitable email option unless you increase the hosting storage space (you will need to contact us for this upgrade).


There is no catch, we have devised a method of saving us time, which in turn saves you money. 

You will be contributing to this time saving by filling out the content form which helps us develop your website faster.

The main factor here is time spent, and this product requires you to invest some time and ensure your content and reviews are done in one go. If you are not confidnet in doing this, or your looking to have multiple reviews, then you should either purchase extra review sessions offered as optional or this package is not for you.

Hence you will need to:

  • Provide All content in the form. Missing content will mean additional time spent by us and hence a potential cost increase. Hence prepare well in advance. 
  • Ensure your text content is checked for grammer and spelling.
  • Your images are clean correct size as they will be added as is.
  • You will get ONE FREE review feedback, you will need to ensure you have thuroughly checked all work and provided the correction needed for us to implement.

How it works and FAQ:

  1. Select the template you are most interested in.
  2. Complete checkout
  3. Fill in the form using the link sent to you in the confirmation email. (You should put a side a good 2-3 hours for this activity).

Yes. It is very importante ensure that the website content form is filled in and represents the content of your website end result. 

This product is designed to limit the iteration of redoing work. Hence getting it right at the begining is important. 

Should you still need further changes, we are happy to do so at an extra charge.

No. All our website developers are located in Australia, they are professionals who ensure you get the highest quality.

Yes , we have included elementor pro version to make it easy for you to update any web page or create a new one. 

If your still feeling overwhelmed we are happy to do the changes for you at an extra charge.

Definitly, you can take out support with us or have any wordpress developer manage this for you.

We have included a monthly option during the checkout for you to select support. If you missed it simply contact us and we can add it to your package.

As part of the package we provide you with ONE FREE review. 

This means after your first submission you will get a chance to review your website and ask us to update the content or images to further enhance your website.

Should you need more reviews we have included review options at additional cost.

We have included 3 options for you to select at additional cost.

  • 1 Hour Review session
    • We have added this for those who would like to do a review on the website by having a 1 hour online screensharing session. During this session you can direct us to make changes and update as needed.
    • To ensure you get the most out of these sessions we highly recommend you do a full review of the site and note down changes. This will make sure the 1 hour is sufficient for your needs. We recommend you take this one hour after the first review is complete, but his is up to you. 
    • You will need to book this 1 hour atleast 1 day in advance depending on availability.
  • 1 Hour Training Session
    • We use this session to walk you through how you would update the website and make any changes. It's intended to give you the independance you need to update the site later your self.
  • 3 Hour Review Session
    • This is a 3 hour block you can use it for either of the above. You may have this as a single 3 hour block or book 3 seperate 1 hour sessions, we can not do less then 1 hour sessions.

Please mark this as "Element Not Required" in the text field or include it as part of the additional insturctions at the end of the form provided.

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